What can I do if I was a passenger in an Albany car accident?

Posted: May 24, 2018

Passengers involved in Albany car accidents have the same rights as driver when it comes to litigation for injuries. Also, unless passengers contributed to the accident or failed to wear a seat belt, they are typically entitled to recover the full amount of damages suffered after a car crash.

If you were a passenger in an Albany car accident, you can file a claim against both the owner or driver of the vehicle in which you were riding at the time of the crash and a claim against the owner or driver of other vehicles involved in the crash.

Comparative Fault and Passengers Involved in Albany Car Accidents

Passengers who knowingly allow a drunk driver to operate a vehicle in which they are riding may be unable to obtain full compensation for their injuries if the driver causes an accident. Comparative fault may apply if a passenger is found partially at fault for an accident because they could have prevented the accident. In other words, the passenger assumed an obvious risk for being involved in car accident.

Passenger Claims Against At-Fault Drivers

Passengers injured in Albany car accidents usually have the right to obtain compensation for medical bills from whoever is deemed at fault. Drivers of motor vehicles owe passengers the duty (obligation) to employ reasonable care while operating their vehicle. This “duty of care” concept also applies to operators of boats, airplanes or other types of recreational/transportation vehicles.

If you suffered serious physical injuries as the passenger of a car involved in an accident, call William Mattar to schedule a consultation with an accident attorney serving Albany. After discussing your case with you, we may be able to obtain adequate compensation from the at-fault driver to pay for your damages.

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