What Can I Do If I Was a Passenger in a Rochester Car Accident?

Posted: February 8, 2019

Those involved in Rochester car accidents as passengers often do not know what to do after the accident has happened. Should they file a claim? Do they have to see an attorney?

Get Insurance Information

Even if you do not know whether you are injured, you should get the insurance information for any of the vehicles and parties involved in the accident. In New York State, every driver is required to carry what is called Bodily Injury and No Fault coverage. No Fault is the coverage that would pay for any of your medical bills and loss of income.

Go Get Emergency Medical Attention

Generally, anyone involved in a Rochester car accident who may be injured should seek medical attention. The medical experts will can let you know if you have any injuries. You may or may not feel all injuries. The medical records document your accident related injuries. This can be important if you want to make a bodily injury claim against the liable driver.

Hire An Attorney

As a passenger in a Rochester car accident, you have several variables that have to be considered. You have to determine if your injuries are going to require long-term treatment needs; if your injuries will cause you to lose any time at work; and which driver’s insurance company to file claims with. These questions are best answered by an experienced attorney who can analyze all of your accident data and develop an effective plan for you to follow.

Our firm experience representing passengers in car accidents. Passengers in a Rochester car accident should remember that they may have a right to compensation for their injuries. Our Rochester car crash lawyers can make sure that your interests are preserved and that you get maximum compensation.

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