Thousands of New Yorkers Could Lose Their License under New Law

Posted: October 26, 2012

Oct. 26, 2012

Drunken driving accidents occur every day in New York, despite the state having some of the toughest laws in the nations against those who commit infractions. Those laws are about to get even tougher though, with the more than 20,000 motorists set to lose their licenses in the state.

WGRZ 2 News reports that a new law which took effect on Sept. 25 states anyone who has been convicted of drug or alcohol offenses five or more times faces a lifetime suspension of their driver’s license. Furthermore, anyone who has had three or more convictions, and at least one serious driving offense in the last 25 years, will also lose their driving privileges.

The aim of the change is to take dangerous repeat drunk drivers off of the road because of the risk they present for a Buffalo Car Accident. Erie County District Attorney, Frank Sedita, believes the change is welcome. The most frequent type of felony case his offices see monthly are DWI offenders with multiple convictions.

The Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed Sedita’s statement, finding that more than 25 percent of all DWI accidents are caused by someone who has three or more DWI convictions.

The Car Accident Attorneys with William Mattar Law Offices understand the dangers drunk drivers present to themselves and other motorists and are hopeful the law will be successful in making New York’s highways a safer place to drive.

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