These intersections are the top causes of Albany car accidents

Posted: June 14, 2018

Many vehicle accidents happen at Albany intersections.

Distracted, reckless or negligent driving is another reason vehicle-pedestrian accidents happen at Albany intersections. Failing to stop for red lights, failing to prepare for stopping when lights turn yellow and turning into oncoming traffic represent some Albany car accidents. Drunk driving and drowsy driving can also account for of intersection crash reports written by Albany law enforcement.

Rear End Collisions at Intersections

Accident attorneys at William Mattar routinely handle rear end collision cases to ensure victims of distracted drivers receive maximum compensation. You or someone you know have probably been “rear ended” by a negligent driver at some time while waiting for a red light to change to green at an intersection. Drivers who rear end other drivers may be texting, talking on their cell phones, messing with their radio/CD player or paying too much attention to passengers.

Injuries common to rear end collision victims include whiplash, seat belt burn/rash, shoulder and chest injuries, concussions/head trauma and knee injuries when the body is forcefully jolted against the dashboard. In some cases, a simple rear end accident may cause a chain reaction behind the at-fault driver when that driver unexpectedly stops.

Pedestrians Accidents at Albany Intersections

Intersections are also dangerous for pedestrians trying to cross at busy times. Although all pedestrians are expected to obey crosswalk signals and remain inside crosswalks while walking across an intersection, drivers are also expected to drive prudently and reasonably when pedestrians are visible.

If you were involved in an intersection accident and suffered injuries requiring medical treatment, contact William Mattar today. You may be entitled for compensation for damages.

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