The Car Safety Invention That Could Save an Infant’s Life

Posted: June 2, 2015

Five students from Rice University in Houston, Texas used a school project to work on something they are hoping could save lives. They invented “Infant SOS” following the many tragedies of infants being left in hot cars without the parents being aware.

Most recently, a Massachusetts father frantically called 911 after realizing his 1 year old daughter was left sleeping in the back of his vehicle after dropping his other child off to day care and boarding his train to work as he does every morning. The father explained it as going into “autopilot” and not using his family’s preventive procedure the morning of the incident. Luckily, local police and fire department were able to locate the vehicle and get the baby out of the car unharmed. Unfortunately, not all situations end like this. Last summer, thirty one children died after being left in hot vehicles.

Here is how Infant SOS works: If a child is left in their car seat, the weight alarm will first set off LED lights all around the perimeter of the car seat as well as sound alerts. This will grab attention from anyone walking by the vehicle to notice there is something wrong. After five minutes of this, an alert text will be sent to the parent’s phone letting them know “infant still in car seat”. It is also equipped with a cooling system to protect the child until help arrives. Students are hoping that this project will raise awareness as well as possibly save a life.

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