Texting and driving: is it a leading cause of Albany car accidents?

Posted: November 21, 2018

Most Albany drivers practice good driving habits because they care about others’ safety as well as their own. Unfortunately, Albany has its fair share of drivers who think they can text and drive. Texting and drive is one cause of car crashes in Albany, but it is not the only reason why motorists every year suffer serious accident injuries ranging from broken bones and concussions to head trauma and spinal cord damage.

Drunk Driving in Albany

Alcohol can play a role in Albany vehicle accidents. Most drunk driving car crashes happen on the weekends and in the evening. Drunk drivers can cause accidents by swerving over center lanes and striking oncoming vehicles, rear-ending vehicles and driving the wrong way on streets and highways. Consequences for driving while intoxicated in Albany and elsewhere in the state of New York can be expensive and detrimental. Automatic driver’s license suspensions, jail time and the possibility of ignition interlocks.

Speeding and Reckless Driving

When drivers speed, they have much less control over their vehicle than they would if they drove the speed limit. Many people try to justify exceeding the speed limit by saying they don’t want to be late for work. They may also feel that speeding on a highway where traffic is light poses no accident risk to themselves or others. What speeders and reckless drivers fail to realize is that it only takes a split second for them to lose control due to unexpected vehicle mechanical failures, a medical emergency or another driver driving the wrong way and hitting them head on.

Texting and Driving in Albany

One age group that can text while driving are teenagers and young adults. Although Albany police are always on the lookout for members of this age cohort looking down at their smartphones while driving, they can’t catch all of them. Unfortunately, many serious accidents in New York are caused by texting drivers.

The car accident attorneys at William Mattar represent victims of negligent drivers who have been seriously injured in an accident. If you required intensive emergency treatment following an accident, call one of our personal injury attorneys to schedule a free consultation. We may be able to obtain compensation on your behalf to help cover your damages.

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