Taking Photos Considered The Newest Trend In Distracted Driving

Posted: November 15, 2013

November 15, 2013

Smartphones allow people ways to share photos from their daily lives with millions of others around the world almost instantly. But the New York Distracted Driving Lawyers with William Mattar Law Offices explain that capturing these images may be putting some users at risk of injury.

An article from CNN News discusses a new trend where drivers snap self-portraits behind the wheel of their vehicles. The act, known as “taking a selfie”, has become extremely popular on social media sites, considering a simple search on Instagram yielded more than 3,700 hits when a search of #drivingselfie was performed. Searches for the term #drivingtowork resulted in another estimated 9,700 images.

The trend, most popular among young people, has many experts concerned for highway safety, as distracted driving plays a role in roughly 21 percent of all fatal accidents involving teens. Auto manufacturer, Toyota, is also addressing the issue by releasing an ad that addresses the dangers taking photos while driving can pose. The ad simply depicts an image of a totaled motor vehicle using different Instagram filters.

William Mattar’s Personal Injury Lawyers are aware of the dangers distracted driving presents to all motorists on the road. That is why the firm asks that each motorist do their part to stay safe by putting their phones down while driving.


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