Symptoms to Watch for After a Car Accident

Posted: November 19, 2019

older man holding heart while driving his carA car accident can be a jarring and shocking event. In the midst of all the post car accident confusion, it can sometimes be hard to tell if you have been injured. In fact, it could take days or even weeks for symptoms from injuries suffered in a car accident to truly manifest. It is important to recognize some of the symptoms of accident injuries, even if you feel fine in the immediate aftermath of a crash. If you are in a car accident, here are some things to look for in the days and weeks after the accident.

7 Symptoms to Watch for After a Car Accident Are:

  1. Headaches
  2. Whiplash
  3. Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain
  4. Post Traumatic Stress
  5. Change in Appetite
  6. Numbness or Tingling
  7. Abdominal Pain or Nausea

1. Headaches

One of the most common complaints after a car accident are headaches. It can be as simple as a tension headache, or something more serious, like the sign of a traumatic brain injury. With all of the paperwork, phone calls and associated stress involved in the aftermath of a car accident, tension headaches are common. There’s a lot going on, and it’s not uncommon for a real headache to accompany the figurative “headaches” involved with being in a car accident.

More serious, however, are the symptoms of a concussion. Along with a headache, other symptoms may include dizziness, blurred or double-vision, nausea, sensitivity to light and/or noise and mood, sleep or appetite changes. A concussion should be checked out by a medical professional, as it can cause chronic issues and long-term health problems.

2. Whiplash

Whiplash has similar symptoms to a concussion and occurs when the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the neck are stretched out during the impact of a car accident. It may be hard to tell you have whiplash until you start going through the tasks of everyday life.

Along with a headache, other symptoms of whiplash can include blurred or double vision, fatigue, pain in the shoulder, neck or head, stiff and sore muscles and restricted range of motion. It can be difficult to diagnose whiplash, so it’s important to pay attention to the symptoms.

3. Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Back, neck and shoulder pain is also something to watch out for after a car accident. The impact involved in a car accident can damage tendons, muscles, joints and soft-tissue areas. Back pain can come out of nowhere after a car accident and can be detrimental to everyday activities. Pain from pinched nerves or sciatica can be debilitating.

4. Post Traumatic Stress

Not all post car accident symptoms are physical. Mental health issues may also arise and are just as important as physical symptoms. Traumatic events, including car accidents, can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, you don’t even have to be involved in the car accident to develop PTSD.

Signs to look out for include flashbacks, nightmares or distressing memories of the event, anxiety around anything that reminds you of the car accident, mood, appetite or sleep changes, and general anxiety and/or depression. It may be helpful to seek out a counselor as you grapple with these issues.

5. Change in Appetite

While a change in appetite isn’t unusual after a car accident, it’s something to pay attention to. It could be related to any number of issues stemming from the accident, including stress, a concussion or depression, etc. Likewise, an inability to sleep may be due to similar issues.

6. Numbness or Tingling

Other ailments to watch for after a car accident include numbness or tingling in your back, neck, shoulder or extremities. This can be a sign of damage to a nerve, tissue or the spine. These injuries can be painful, but doctors have ways to treat them, and help patients deal with the pain.

7. Abdominal Pain and Nausea

Abdominal pain and nausea should also be investigated after a car accident, as these symptoms could be a sign of internal bruising or, more seriously, internal bleeding. Seat belts, in particular, can pull tight against the body during a car accident, and it can take days for effects to materialize.

As mentioned above, it’s important to be on the lookout for issues even days or weeks after a car accident. Documentation of your injuries is important, as is seeking medical treatment as necessary.

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