Some Causes of Distracted Driving in Albany

Posted: March 19, 2019

Since it is the capital of the state of New York, Albany sees traffic. With that many drivers on the road, it would take a concentrated effort on behalf of all drivers to prevent accidents. But there are sometimes distracted drivers who forget the rules of good defensive driving and wind up getting involved in accidents.

Texting and Calling

In Albany, there tends to be a lot of people involved in a lot of conversations all day long. Unfortunately, some people in Albany forget that texting or using the phone while driving is illegal and very dangerous.


With the large amount of business and government people working in and around Albany, there is a lot of information being absorbed on a daily basis. Whether it is a newspaper or mobile computing device, you will find some distracted drivers in Albany reading while behind the wheel.


When you are eating while driving you are not completely focused on your driving skills and falling food can be distracting. But to save a few minutes, some people find themselves having lunch behind the wheel and causing accidents.


There are plenty of people enjoying conversation while on Albany roads. There are also people in Albany who can become distracted by conversing while driving. This type of distraction can get very dangerous if the conversation gets heated and the driver is part of the anger.


Instead of focusing on the road, some people prefer to map out their sales presentation in their head or think of better ways to present their speech. The result is often a distracted driver who does not see the car in front of them until it is too late.

We are ready to help victims of distracted driving file their claims and get their side of the story heard. Contact our Albany car accident lawyers at William Mattar if you are ever involved in a distracted driving accident.

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