Some Benefits of Defensive Driving Courses in New York

Posted: August 12, 2022

Defensive Driving Courses In NYAccording to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”), some agencies are approved to provide accident prevention, or defensive driving, courses that can reduce points and lower insurance premiums.   

New York’s Point and Insurance Reduction Program “PIRP” is a driver safety course that provides knowledge and techniques for safe driving, according to the DMV. The course, which is offered by private companies and other organizations across the state, can refresh driving knowledge, lower the base rate of auto and motorcycle premiums 10% each year for three years, and reduce the number of points on a driving record. According to the DMV, the classroom course is 320 minutes long, and can be presented in one or multiple sessions, addressing topics like the Vehicle and Traffic Law, driver attitude and behavior, and defensive driving techniques.   

The DMV provides contact information for classroom course providers, and internet course and other alternative delivery method course providers.   

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