Some Albany Drivers may exhibit poor driving habits

Posted: July 2, 2018

Some people may have at least one bad driving habit they know they shouldn’t do but have trouble remembering not to do. Unfortunately, some Albany drivers engage in multiple poor driving practices that can put them and other drivers at risk for being involved in an accident. Like other bad habits, bad driving habits are hard to break.

Are You an Albany Resident With These Poor Driving Habits?

Texting while driving–distracted driving is driving while paying attention to anything that takes your eyes and/or hands off the steering wheel and road.

Driving while drunk/drugged–while distracted driving accidents can involve rear-end collisions or other minor fender-benders, drunk/drugged drivers can cause serious accidents inflicting severe physical injuries on those involved.

Drowsy driving–you might not feel sleepy when you get behind the wheel but if you haven’t had enough sleep, you can start nodding off after driving several miles.

Speeding–speed limits are assigned to streets according to a neighborhood’s population percentage. The fewer people living in a designated area, the higher the speed limit. That’s why you can drive 65 miles per hour on interstates but only 25 miles per hour in residential areas.

Tailgating-– Tailgating will not make the driver who you think is going too slow speed up. Instead of tailgating, simply wait until it is safe to pass.

William Mattar can provide experienced legal representation for car accident victims of drivers practicing poor driving habits in Albany. If you have suffered physical injuries due to a reckless driver, call us today to schedule a consultation appointment. We may be able to help you obtain maximum compensation to pay for your damages.

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