Seniors May Have Lasting Pain After a Syracuse Car Crash

Posted: March 12, 2019

A Syracuse car crash can have devastating results for all parties involved. The more intense accidents can sometimes result in permanent injuries, or even death. While people of all ages are in danger of being injured in a car crash, seniors can be more susceptible to long-lasting pain.

Our Body Changes Over Time

When we are younger, our bodies repair more easily and are more durable. But as we age our body’s inability to continue to produce important nutrients as well as other aging factors make us more open to long-term injuries. Our bones become more brittle as we age and our muscles are not as able to protect us when we fall. It all adds up to an aging human body that may be more likely to have lasting pain from a car crash than people who are younger.

What Age Is The Point Where Injuries Are More Likely?

Every person ages differently, but there are some accepted milestones that are used to establish injury dangers when it comes to age. It is generally accepted that elderly people can be more at risk for long-term car crash injury effects.

What Types Of Injuries Could Offer Seniors Lasting Pain?

There is no way of predicting which types of injuries would be more potentially dangerous for seniors, especially since every car accident and person is different. Common neck injuries such as whiplash could be much more painful to seniors, while shoulder or hip sprains could wind up being just as painful. Since a senior sometimes has a reduced ability to recover from painful injuries, it is possible that a Syracuse car accident injury could cause months, or even years of pain.

Handling Senior Situations Differently

It is important that attorneys learn how to handle the claims for these situations. Where a younger person might need a few weeks of physical therapy to recover from an injury, a senior might require therapy, medication, and possibly even surgery for the same injury. It is important to choose an experienced attorney who understands these delicate cases and knows how to file a proper claim.

Our car accident lawyers can help a senior to file their claim and seek the proper amount of compensation for their injuries. We encourage you to utilize our experience in this area and call on our Syracuse car crash lawyers for legal help.

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