Safety Improvements Being Made At Notoriously Dangerous Western New York Intersection

Posted: August 9, 2013

August 9, 2013

When a large number of motor vehicle collisions are recorded at a single location, the Rochester Car Accident Lawyers with William Mattar Law Offices explain the state examines if any safety improvements can be made. That is precisely what is occurring at the corner of Route 36 and North Road in Wheatland, New York.

According to an article published by The Wall Street Journal, workers from the Department of Transportation began projects to improve the intersection earlier this week after three motorists were killed at the location in the last month. The fatal accident occurred July 16, when the driver of an SUV carrying five people pulled into the path of a tractor-trailer after mistakenly thinking the intersection was a four-way stop. Three people were killed and two others were seriously injured in the ensuing crash. This wasn’t the first serious accident at the intersection. Records show emergency crews have been called to the location more than 70 times in the last six years.

In an effort to improve the crossing, crews will be installing new signage to make the intersection a four-way stop. Also trees, brush, and earth will be moved in order to give motorists better vision or more clear lines of sight at the intersection.

Mattar’s team of Personal Injury Lawyers applaud these changes and hope they will help decrease the rate of accidents at the crossing in the future.


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