Ride Sharing Services: Are They Safe?

Posted: April 30, 2014

Utilizing a ride service, such as a taxi, limo, or shuttle, can be a great way to get from one location to another when you are unable to drive. One of the newest players in the transportation industry, Lyft, just launched its services in Buffalo. But some citizens are concerned about liability issues and the lack of regulation surrounding the service.

Lyft’s service allows people with cars who meet certain standards to be drivers. Individuals who need a ride use the Lyft application on their smartphone to search for available drivers. The person is then picked up at their location by a driver and taken where they need to go for a fee, much like a taxi.

The problem with these services is the grey area in the event of a serious car accident injury. An article from Forbes touched on several lawsuits that have already been filed against ride sharing companies because of such incidents.

Another concern is the lack of regulations for the ride sharing industry. While taxi companies must meet many rigorous standards to operate their businesses, ride sharing companies are exempt from these laws.

With such information coming to light, the Syracuse personal injury lawyers with William Mattar Law Offices want to know what you think about ride sharing services. Are they the new wave of the personal transportation industry’s future or are they haphazard services that put citizens in serious danger?


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