Persistent Pain After a Rochester Car Accident. What to do Next?

Posted: February 26, 2019

Here is a potential scenario: Over the past few weeks, you have developed persistent pain that is steadily getting worse. While searching for a reason why you could be in pain, you remember that a couple of months ago you were in a Rochester car accident. At the time of the accident, you did not feel as though you were injured so you did not get examined and you never brought it up to your doctor. What do you do now?

Critical Steps After A Rochester Car Accident

An accident is a sudden event that can cause adrenaline to start shooting through your body. Adrenaline can mask pain for hours after an accident and may prevent you from realizing that you have been injured. If you suspect you were injured, an examination from an emergency medical professional immediately after your accident is critical in determining whether or not you have been injured.

Even if your emergency medical examination does not turn up any immediate results, it may be important to make a follow-up appointment with your doctor. After a few days, the signs of an injury may start to show themselves and your doctor may be able to start recommending treatment.

Insurance Company

It may not be long before the insurance company calls you to try and get you to settle on any injuries that you have. If you state that you’re not injured, it’s possible the persistent pain you found that your doctor determined was from your accident may wind up being your financial responsibility because of what you told your insurance company.

Your Options

If you experience pain after a motor vehicle accident, you should contact a lawyer for help with your claim. Our diligent Rochester accident injury lawyers can lay out all of your options and do whatever can be done to get you the maximum available compensation.

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