New York State Passenger Vehicles Planned to be Zero Emissions by 2035 

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Posted: October 25, 2022

In September 2022, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul directed the State Department of Environmental Conservation to require all new cars, trucks, and SUVs sold in New York to be zero-emissions by 2035.  

The plan is to reduce the impact of climate change across the state. New York seeks to “electrify” the transportation sector and help the state achieve its climate requirement of reducing greenhouse gases 85% by 2050, according to a press release. The regulation “build[s]” upon other regulations, requiring an increasing percentage of new light-duty vehicle sales to be zero-emission vehicles between 2026 (35% of sales), 2030 (68% of sales), and 2035 (100% of sales), according to the same press release.   

Federal Funding to Establish Network of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations 

The Biden-Harris Administration approved Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Plans for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico in September 2022. Now, all states have access to more than $1.5 billion to help build EV chargers for 75,000 miles of highway across the United States. The plan will help build a convenient and affordable EV charging network across the nation. 

New York State will receive $175 million over five years to establish an interconnected network for reliable charging for electric vehicles 

The state’s transportation department will place charging stations for passenger vehicles in designated corridors, no more than 50 miles apart. The national electric-vehicles program was created under the Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act enacted in November 2021. 

Car Charging Stations in New York 

While electric vehicle owners can usually charge their vehicles at home, many are looking for additional charging opportunities. Electric vehicle charging ports stationed at commonly visited locations can provide a degree of charging flexibility to those who regularly use electric vehicles. 

EVSE infrastructure programs include the implementation of public electric vehicle charging stations. Public charging stations tend to be located in commonly visited areas where vehicle owners are “highly concentrated,” such as shopping centers, airports, hotels, rest stops, and other popular businesses and government locations or offices.   

Further, the development of workplace charging areas is also becoming a popular incentive for companies in many EVSE infrastructure proposals. Workplace charging areas can demonstrate a companies’ support for green energy technology while providing a convenient way for employees to charge their electric vehicles at work.    

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