NHTSA Calling for Changes to Child Safety Seat Standards

Posted: January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014

Children are at an especially high risk of death or injury in motor vehicle collisions. In fact, data indicates car crashes are the leading cause of accidental death for children in the United States today.

The New York car accident lawyers with William Mattar Law Offices explain the best way to protect children from these dangers is through the use of approved car safety or booster seats. Studies show these devices to be effective in preventing child passengers from suffering Car Accident Injuries when involved in front and rear-end collisions. Now, new standards being considered for the devices could increase safety in the event of side collisions as well.

According to an article published by The Buffalo News, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing a change to the standards of seats for children who are up to 40 pounds that would include having to pass a side impact test as well. Experts say the changes could prevent as many as five deaths and 64 injuries per year.

The Car Accident Lawyers with William Mattar Law Offices are aware of the dangers car accidents can pose to children and are hopeful the changes to improve safety standards are effective in reducing the number of young accident victims.

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