Next Steps After An Albany Car Accident

Posted: November 16, 2018

After a car accident in Albany, it is important to ensure that everyone receives necessary medical attention as soon as possible. Every situation is unique. If possible, move all car accident victims to a safe distance away from the scene.

Obtaining a Police Report

Police will arrive and make sure everyone who is injured receives treatment or is transported to the nearest hospital. They will also fill out a police report that includes details of the accident. In New York State, anyone involved in a car wreck causing injury to an individual must give their name, address, auto insurance information and driver’s license number to law enforcement.

Get Witness Contact Information

Should personal injury claims be filed, witnesses to the accident may be able to provide written or oral testimony. In some cases, a witness may not want to provide contact information. If this happens, try to get their license plate number for future reference.

Consult with an Albany Car Accident Attorney

If you suffered serious physical injuries, do not talk to the at-fault driver’s car insurance company before consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney. Auto insurance agents are trained to reduce or deny a compensation payout on behalf of the insurer. Vehicle accident lawyers can handle insurance companies to optimize compensation packages for injured accident victims.

The car accident lawyers at William Mattar may be able to help you obtain compensation if you suffered serious injuries in a car crash. Call today to schedule an free consultation.

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