Injuries May Not be Obvious Immediately After a New York City Car Accident

Posted: December 28, 2018

In the immediate aftermath of a New York City car accident, some people feel lucky because they were not injured. Just because you do not see an injury after a New York City car accident does not mean that you have not been injured. There are many reasons why some injuries may not be immediately obvious after a car crash. If you are concerned that you are injured, you should seek medical attention.


There is usually a great deal of commotion after a car crash that may require you to focus on several different things. You need to figure out how you are going to move your car. Additionally, the police want your details for the police report. The other party wants your insurance information, and the gathering crowd can make concentrating difficult. If you do not have any visible injuries or any injuries that have created immediate pain, your lack of attention during the commotion may convince you that you have no injuries.


When an accident occurs in New York City, both parties are immediately filled with adrenaline. Your heart starts to race a little and the shock of being involved in an accident can shield any injuries you might have. The effects of adrenaline can linger for hours and, in some people, for days. Adrenaline flowing through your veins can mask some symptoms.

The Type Of Injury

Some injuries do not show their effects until you move your body in a certain way or you exert yourself. You might have a lingering injury waiting to be triggered and not know it. The longer these types of injuries go untreated, the more painful they could be when they do appear.

If You Are Concerned That You Are Injured After An Accident, Always Go To The Doctor

A person rarely walks away from a car accident without any injuries. Even the most seemingly harmless New York City car accident can create long-lasting injuries.  If you are ever in a car accident, and you fear that you sustained an injury, you should always either seek emergency medical attention or see your doctor immediately.

Our firm has years of experience in representing people who have been injured in car accidents. As soon as you have been checked over by a medical professional, you should contact one of our dedicated car accident attorneys to discuss the next step to take in your New York City car accident case.

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