My Buffalo Car Accident Wasn’t That Bad. Should I Still Call?

Posted: March 14, 2019

You were driving home from work and as you slowly pulled out of an intersection your car came into contact with another car that was barely moving. No big deal, right? You can both buff out the damage, so you both move on without any interaction.

When you are involved in a Buffalo car accident of any size, there is a process you should follow to protect yourself now and in the future.

Stop Your Vehicle, Park In A Safe Place, And Get Out Of The Car

Most Buffalo motorists would likely love it if both parties would just agree to drive away without exchanging information for a minor accident. However, even at low speeds, there is plenty of damage that can be done to your vehicle and your body. A perfectly placed knock on the bumper could knock your car out of alignment, or even set off your airbag and cause the insurance company to total your car. If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision of any kind, you and the other motorist would be well advised to park somewhere safe to exchange information.

Request A Police Report

When responding to a car accident, the Buffalo Police will likely generate a police report. While insurance companies do not consider police reports to be infallible, a police report is a nice summary of what happened and all of the contact information for both parties.

Go Get Emergency Medical Attention

When you first get involved in your minor Buffalo car accident, your body will probably fill with adrenaline that can mask any initial injuries you may have. You could possibly have neck damage that you may not feel for days. A week later, if you start feeling pain in your neck, you will have a hard time claiming it came from the accident because you have no proof. Getting medical attention immediately after an accident where you suspect injury is important.

Finally, after you have been injured in a Buffalo car crash, call our car accident attorneys at William Mattar. We may be able to give you the legal advice you need.

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