My Albany Car Accident Wasn’t Bad. Should I still call?

Posted: March 4, 2019

You had a fender bender in downtown Albany, exchanged insurance information with the other party, and then went about your day. While not every accident requires an intense sense of urgency that causes you to panic, don’t ignore the potential for real damage to your car and yourself as the result of any type of impact.

Damage To Your Car

Some people might think that vehicles are built like a tank and can take any kind of minor impact from any other vehicle. But the fact is that any type of impact, at any speed, when done in the right spot on your car, can cause damage.

Damage To You

After an Albany car accident, adrenaline may start flowing through your body and enhancing your sense of excitement. When you have a lot of adrenaline flowing through your body, small injuries can be easy to ignore. Once the adrenaline wears off, you might start feeling the initial effects of what could wind up becoming very serious accidents. If you think you were hurt, get treatment.

What You Should Do After Every Accident

Your Albany car accident may not have seemed too bad to you, but you always want to be sure. After the accident, you should be sure to collect contact and insurance information from the other party. You should always insist that the police be called to create a police report and document the details of the accident.

You may want to visit an emergency medical facility to be looked over for injuries. If the medical experts find anything, they will generally document it for you and give you any immediate treatment you may need.

When you have collected all of your information, you should then call one of our dedicated car accident attorneys to help handle your case for you. You might have more serious car damage or medical needs than you think, and you will need one of our lawyers to talk to the insurance companies and handle your claim for you.

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