Minor Buffalo Accident Major Costs

Posted: December 17, 2018

There are many reasons car accidents occur in and around the city of Buffalo. Those accidents run the full range from minor to major collisions. In most cases, it is the “major” accidents that get the headlines attention. But even a fender bender can wind up creating expensive costs that motorists deal with.

Property Damage

In a Buffalo car accident, property damage can mean damage to the cars.

If you are considered to be negligent in causing a Buffalo car accident, then you may have to pay for the damage to the other vehicle as well.

Your Injuries

It was just a tap on your bumper. You are convinced that you have no medical concerns. However, a vehicle does not need to be going very fast to cause injuries to the people involved. If you ignore these injuries and allow them to get worse, then you might find it difficult to get your insurance carrier to cover the injuries since you did not file a claim when you were injured. Medical bills can be expensive.

Other Injuries

If you are considered at fault for your Buffalo accident, then your insurance company might have to pay. This includes payment for the pain and suffering of your passengers, the driver and passengers in the other car, and any pedestrians who were hit.

We recommend that you treat every accident with the same urgency. Contact our firm immediately after you have received medical attention. Our experienced team of Buffalo car accident attorneys can do everything possible to ensure that you receive maximum compensation after your auto accident.

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