Know Your Rights After a Long Island Car Accident

Posted: April 17, 2019

Long Island is a busy place with roads filled with cars. While most people do their best to follow the rules of the road, there are going to be times when things go wrong and people get into an accident. The process you should follow after an accident includes getting your injuries tended to and collecting insurance information, but what rights do you have in the wake of an accident?

Police Report

In Long Island, you have the right to call the police and request a copy of the police report. Despite how much the other party involved in your accident may protest the need for a police report, you have the right to request one.

Gathering Insurance Information

You have the right to expect that the other person involved in the accident is going to willingly provide you with their insurance information. By law, people involved in a Long Island car accident must stop to exchange information and allow each other to make claims to their insurance companies.

Access to Compensation

New York is a no-fault state, which means that the no-fault insurance company is required to pay some medical expenses and lost wages associated with the accident. This is helpful to Long Island drivers because it eliminates the potential effects of the other driver not having insurance in place. This also means that you can expect access to compensation that will pay some medical bills associated with the accident some lost wages.


If you feel that the insurance company is not being reasonable, especially if you have long-term injuries associated with your accident, then you can have an attorney represent you in your claim.

We invite you to give our firm a call and let us put our years of experience to work for you. Our car accident lawyers are ready to help you protect your rights and get the kind of compensation you deserve for your accident.

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