Is Speed a Factor in Some Syracuse Car Accidents?

Posted: May 22, 2019

Speed is a leading factor contributing to many Syracuse car accidents. Exceeding the speed limit not only reduces your ability to maneuver safely around objects or curves in roadways but also increases the severity of injuries suffered by other drivers and their passengers in a high-speed accident. When you speed, you also need to put more distance between you and the driver in front of you to increase your reaction time.

In fact, speeding and drunk driving have much in common. Like drunk drivers, speeding drivers significantly increase their chance of causing an accident and severely injuring or even killing another driver.

If you or someone you know has suffered serious injuries due to being struck by a speeding driver in Syracuse, compensation may be available to help pay for medical costs and other damages. Call William Mattar today to make a free consultation appointment with a Syracuse car accident attorney.

Why Do Drivers Exceed the Speed Limit in Syracuse?

Some drivers ignore posted speed limits and drive faster than what the speed limit. While most of us drive at or below speed limits, some drivers consistently exceed speed limits. Why do they do this? It is difficult to say, but some possibilities include:

  • They do not associate speeding with dangerous driving
  • They speed because they are late for work, an appointment, etc.
  • They simply like driving fast
  • They were bored while driving
  • They were trying to impress a passenger
  • They were not aware of the speed limit

Speeders can try to excuse their speeding but law enforcement will not generally accept any excuse made by negligent drivers for speeding and causing an accident. Drivers and their passengers injured by a speeding driver may be eligible to obtain adequate compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and more. The Syracuse car accident attorneys at William Mattar are ready to represent you today. Schedule a free consultation appointment with one of our attorneys to see if you are eligible to receive compensation for your damages.

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