Injuries may not be as Obvious Immediately after an Albany Car Accident

Posted: November 26, 2018

Here’s a scenario. As you were driving home from your job in downtown Albany, you were involved in a car accident. You said you felt fine and you did not get checked out by emergency medical personnel. Two days later, you signed off on a small settlement with the other driver’s insurance company and felt that the issue was over.

But a few days after that, your neck and shoulder start to hurt to the point that you have to make an appointment to see your doctor. After testing and x-rays, your doctor determines that you have neck damage that looks like it is due to a sudden trauma.

Why Did The Injury Not Show Up Immediately?

There are some reasons why an injury does not show up immediately after an accident. The first is that some injuries require you to start moving around before their effects can be felt. If your spine was jolted, you might not start to feel it until you have been turning your head and moving your neck for a few days.

The other reason accident injuries are not obvious after an Albany car accident can be adrenaline. In the immediate aftermath of any magnitude car accident, your body will produce adrenaline that could cover up injuries for hours, or even days. Adrenaline is a substance your body produces in response to exciting or shocking incidents. It gives you a burst of energy and can often cause you to ignore pain.

What Should Have Happened?

After a motor vehicle accident, it is sometimes a good idea to get checked out by emergency personnel to make sure everything is okay.

What About An Attorney?

If you had gone to see an attorney immediately after being checked out by your doctor, then you would not have signed the settlement with the insurance company and you would be pursuing a claim to get the compensation you need. A lawyer can speak for you and prevent you from giving away your right to compensation, which is what can happen when you sign a settlement with an insurance company.

William Mattar is an experienced car accident attorney who can handle your car accident issues. We recommend that you call us immediately after receiving medical treatment for your Albany car accident, no matter how inconsequential you might think the accident was. Over time, you might start to experience injuries that could cost you a lot of money out-of-pocket if you do not make the right decisions immediately.

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