Important things to do after a Long Island car accident

Posted: May 29, 2018

Knowing what to do after an accident not only ensures Long Island drivers are adhering to legal obligations, but can also facilitate compensation for injuries and damage if the accident is not your fault.


Even if you or another driver has a minor fender-bender, both drivers should stop, get out and exchange information, if necessary. Generally speaking, you should not drive off after hitting another vehicle or damaging property. You could be charged with a misdemeanor.

Don’t Admit Guilt

Some auto insurance companies state that drivers covered by the policy should not assume liability under any circumstances. Telling the other driver or their passengers it was your fault is not generally recommended. Wait until you have talked to an accident attorney about your Long Island accident case before claiming responsibility.

Call the Long Island Police

Even if the accident is a fender-bender, you still need an accident report to submit to your insurance company if property repairs are needed. Accident reports will be important if you seek to obtain compensation. Your attorney will need a complete report before taking action against the at-fault driver.

Take Pictures of Damaged Vehicles and the Accident Scene

If you have not been injured, take photos of your car, the other driver’s car and property damage, if any. This evidence not only helps a car accident attorney develop a viable case after a Long Island accident, but also expedites claims you file with your vehicle insurance company.

Visit Your Physician

Even if you don’t have visible injuries, if you have pain or symptoms you still may want to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Symptoms of injuries to your musculoskeletal and nervous system may not emerge for several days but your doctor can perform diagnostic tests to determine if an injury exists.

William Mattar offers immediate legal assistance if you were involved in a Long Island car accident. Contact us to schedule a consultation appointment as soon as possible if a negligent driver struck your vehicle and caused injuries requiring medical treatment. We can help you get maximum compensation.

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