Important things to do after a Buffalo car accident

Posted: August 30, 2018

Do you know what to do if a Buffalo driver hits your vehicle hard enough to cause substantial damage? What if you suffer physical injuries and require immediate emergency medical attention? Have you told your loved ones what to do if you are hospitalized due to car accident injuries?

5 Things You Should Do After a Buffalo Car Accident

Most Buffalo residents think the risk of being involved in an accident is minimal. Consequently, they don’t have a plan of action ready if they are in a car crash. Here are the five things you may want to remember to do after a car accident:

  1. Do not drive away or leave the scene of an accident. You may be cited with a misdemeanor or worse if you don’t stay and wait for police to arrive.
  2. If it’s dark outside, protect yourself and the accident scene by keeping your car’s flashers on, setting up a flare or leaving a flashlight on the hood of a car.
  3. Call 911. The Buffalo police should arrive within minutes, assess injuries and determine if anyone needs an ambulance.
  4. Take pictures of the accident scene, damage to all vehicles involves and your physical injuries, if possible. If you were riding with a passenger who is not injured, ask the passenger to take pictures. The more evidence you have to give to our car accident attorney, the better chance you have of obtaining compensation to pay for your damages.
  5. Contact a Buffalo car crash lawyer to schedule a consultation appointment about your accident.

Attorneys dealing primarily with personal injuries suffered in car accidents, slips and falls, defective products and other situations are experienced in protecting your rights as the victim of a negligent or reckless driver. Before talking to insurance companies, you may want to speak to an attorney who knows exactly what to do to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

At William Mattar, we understand how stressful it is to recover from serious physical injuries and will make every effort to help you through this devastating time of your life. Call us today to make an appointment with a Buffalo car crash attorney.

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