I Was Involved in a Syracuse Car Accident While Working. Now What?

Posted: April 26, 2019

Driving in Syracuse can be tricky. Between traffic snarls and high-speed drivers, there’s plenty of hazards – and that’s not counting distracted drivers, heavy snows, or just bad timing. Car accidents can cause worry about fixing your car, making it to work, and your own health. If you’re involved in an accident while you’re working, you probably have many questions. At the Law Offices of William Mattar, we have answers.

What Happens After an On-The-Job Car Accident In Syracuse?

Many different jobs involve travel of some sort. Commercial deliveries and long-haul trucking are the primary ones, but there are many others. Outside sales representatives, for instance, travel frequently to meet with clients. Hotel shuttle drivers, meal delivery drivers, and even general business errands while working your shift all occur on the clock.

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident while working, you are eligible to Worker’s Compensation benefits. There may be exceptions to this rule, as well as some different circumstances that may reduce these benefits, however, so it’s crucial that you consult with an attorney familiar with personal injury claims and workers’ compensation cases. William Mattar attorneys have experience fighting insurance companies for their clients to ensure they receive fair compensation after workplace car accidents.

Will I Receive Workers’ Compensation From a Workplace Auto Accident?

Your medical bills from a workplace auto collision are generally paid  through workers’ compensation. This covers medical bills and ongoing treatment needs such as physical therapy or a chiropractor.

If you were not the at-fault driver in a workplace auto accident, you may also have to file a “third party action” against the other driver. In these cases, the other driver is referred to as a “third party” under New York State laws because the accident was not caused by your employer or co-worker.

New York State law prohibits “double recovery” for damages, meaning that you wouldn’t be paid twice for the same claim from the third party suit and workers’ comp. In cases where you receive a third party settlement, the workers’ comp carrier may have a lien on some of the settlement proceeds. Once the third party lawsuit is settled, the injured party (you) will have to pay the workers’ compensation carrier back for medical bills and lost wages, if any. It’s important that you consult an experienced personal injury attorney in these cases, however, as the workers’ compensation insurance company has interest in recovering as much of its money as possible, and not necessarily helping you navigate through the complicated settlement process.

It is very important that the Workers’ Compensation Carrier consent to a settlement in a third-party action.

Do I Need Worker’s Compensation Consent for a Third Party Lawsuit?

If you don’t obtain consent from your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier to settle a third-party case, then you may forfeit some rights. Even if you obtain consent from the insurance company, you may still have to satisfy the lien, otherwise, you may no longer have access to compensation for medical care, aftercare, and lost wages. It’s critical that you follow your attorney’s advice.

What Kind of Compensation Will I Receive?

At The Law Offices of William Matar, we take a comprehensive approach to your workplace motor vehicle accident, fighting for your rights to ensure that you receive maximum compensation.

Filing a workplace car accident claim can be complicated, but under the guidance of William Mattar and his team of car accident lawyers, you can rest easy knowing that your case is handled by a team of professionals working to achieve your best interests. Don’t try to negotiate with insurance companies on your own. Give us a call at (844) 444-4444 to discuss the unique aspects of your case today.

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