I Was Involved in a Buffalo Car Accident While Working. Now What?

Posted: March 11, 2019

The city of Buffalo is a fast-moving place where commerce travels on the public roads day and night. While every driver does their best to avoid being part of a Buffalo car accident, sometimes the conditions are perfect for a collision that could change each party’s life. What happens when you are in an accident while on the job? Which insurance do you use, and do you need help from an attorney?

Getting Hurt On The Job

Workers’ compensation insurance was created to help pay for medical expenses and lost wages for people who were injured while working. Generally, the manner in which you were injured is not important when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits. If you were driving a delivery car for your company and you got into a Buffalo car accident, then generally, your medical expenses and some lost income can be covered by workers’ compensation.

Handling Workers’ Compensation Cases

The process for having your medical expenses and lost income covered when you are injured on the job sounds simple. You get into an accident, you fill out the workers’ compensation forms, and then you get the treatment and lost income you need. However, it can sometimes be difficult to try and handle your workers’ compensation case on your own.

There Could Be More To It

Was a third party, non-employee negligent in your accident? Workers’ compensation does not handle pain and suffering claims. If you feel you are entitled to pain and suffering money, then you would have to seek that compensation out on your own.

Hire An Attorney

Between the workers’ compensation process and the potential for pain and suffering compensation, your best bet is to hire an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you with your workers’ compensation claims and bring the pain and suffering claim to court. The last thing you need while you are trying to recover from your injuries is having to deal with a difficult process.

Our firm has handled plenty of workers’ compensation and pain and suffering cases. Talk to one of our experienced Buffalo personal injury lawyers to find out how we can make the entire process of getting your maximum available compensation easier for you.

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