How to Prevent a Syracuse Parking Lot Accident

Posted: October 9, 2018

The city of Syracuse, NY usually has a lot of activities and events going on any given day or night. As a busy city, Syracuse has plenty of work day traffic that is constantly moving in an out of its parking lots. As a college town, Syracuse college sports bring in people from all over the state and the parking lots swell at every event. More cars in parking lots mean more accidents, but there are some things Syracuse drivers can do to prevent parking lot accidents from happening.

The bottom line: following the rules of the road, as set forward in the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Follow The Flow Of Traffic

Most parking lots have attendants or signs that indicate which direction traffic needs to flow to make entering and exiting the parking lot safe. Drivers need to follow directions closely and maintain a reasonable speed.

Be Deliberate

One reason parking lot accidents happen in Syracuse is people get in their cars, turn their cars on, and then immediately dart into the moving traffic. Waiting a few extra minutes can go a long way towards preventing accidents.

Make Sure You And Your Car Are Ready

In inclement weather, it is important to be sure that your car’s windows are cleared and that you have adjusted to the weather conditions and can see clearly before you start moving. In a parking lot, just as when driving in traffic, you need to be able to see on all sides of your vehicle to be able drive safely.

Be Patient

Being deliberate in a parking lot means moving your vehicle into position to be able to exit or enter the lot safely. Being patient means choosing to turn on the radio and wait for the traffic to start thinning out before deciding it is time to leave.

When an accident does happen in a Syracuse, NY parking lot, you should seek out the help of an experienced car accident attorney to help preserve your rights. Do your part to prevent parking lot accidents. But if you become part of a parking lot incident, then contact one of our legal professionals to represent your side of the story.

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