How Much Time Do I Have to Hire a Lawyer After my Rochester Car Accident?

Posted: April 30, 2019

If you’ve been injured in a car accident along Rochester’s city streets or highways, your first thought after the wreck probably isn’t hiring a lawyer. However, if you weren’t at fault for the accident, and you are hurt, you may be entitled to compensation – and the best way to settle your claim is to hire a personal injury attorney experienced in New York traffic laws. The law offices of William Mattar can help, but you’ll need to act fast.

The state of New York has strict statute of limitations periods. Once the statute of limitations period expires, you may be prevented from receiving compensation for your injuries. However, the faster you retain legal counsel and work through them with the other driver’s insurance company, the easier it can to be to present a case for damages, including compensation for pain and suffering. In a wrongful death case, where a loved one has died in the accident, the statute of limitation period is even shorter.

It’s important to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. Much of the proof that a court of law requires includes documentation affirmed by your physician that the injuries came from the wreck and weren’t a pre-existing condition. For ongoing therapies, such as physical therapy or chiropractor appointments, you’ll be asked to submit records of the appointments, verified by the doctor, as well as logs of any additional physical therapy you’re asked to practice at home.

Insurance companies are not on your side when it comes to injuries and damages from a car accident. They want to settle fast, for as little money as possible. The talented team at The Law Offices of William Mattar have years of experience protecting our clients’ rights against big insurance companies and making sure they receive maximum compensation. Don’t try to negotiate with an insurance company alone. Give our car accident lawyers a call at (844) 444-4444 for a consultation about your case.

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