How Do I Pay for Medical Expenses After a Buffalo Car Accident?

Posted: November 14, 2018

After a car accident in Buffalo, you might think that your health insurance will pay your medical bills. However, since New York is a no-fault state, the auto insurance company for the car you were in at the time of the collision, is generally responsible for paying for your medical bills, lost wages, and any ongoing treatment associated with your accident.

How Does it Work?

You might decide to sue the other driver for damages. But, that can take time and you need your medical bills paid right now. This is why you should make a no-fault claim immediately after the collision. This will allow you to get emergency treatment right away. Additionally, your initial claim should also set up payments for any ongoing medical treatment or other therapy you may need for your injuries.

What Else does my Auto Insurance Pay For?

New York motorists are required to have at least $50,000.00 in no-fault coverage for basic economic loss. This means that your auto insurance will pay for up to $50,000.00 of medical bills, lost wages, ambulance services, physical therapy, prescription drugs, and any testing that is medically necessary. Any time you get medical treatment for your accident-related injury, it should be billed to your auto insurance.

What Happens After $50,000.00?

While $50,000.00 can sound like a lot, it can quickly be dried up by long-term hospital expenses. Once the $50,000.00 is exhausted, you will have to resort to APIP or OBEL coverages. These are additional first-party coverages that provide a safety net for excessive medical expenses.

Can I Sue?

If you developed a serious injury from the accident, you can sue the other party.

William Mattar Law Offices has experience helping accident victims just like you. If you have been in an accident in Buffalo, then give our experienced Buffalo car accident attorneys a call and let us go to work for you.

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