How do I obtain the police report after my NYC car accident?

Posted: June 20, 2018

Instructions provided by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles explain how NYC residents can obtain a copy an accident report in which they are involved.

Ordering a police report via mail–print and fill out the Request for Copy of Accident Report, include date of the accident, county where the accident happened and either the plate number of the other vehicle(s), driver license number of individuals involved in the accident or birth-date and name of someone involved in the crash. Also, since accident reports are mailed as certified copies, you will receive a certified letter stating the DMV could not find a report based on the information you submitted.

Ordering a NYC police report online–use this link: Order and Access Motor Vehicle Accident Reports to order an accident report online. As with mail-in orders, you will need a plate number, driver license number or the eight-digit Department of Motor Vehicles case number.

NYC accident reports purchased online will be available for download within seven days of ordering the report. All you need to do is enter the email address you used to buy the report and the confirmation number displayed at the time you made the purchase transaction.

When an accident occurs in NYC, regardless of borough, allow 14 days or more for the police to file the report before you begin searching for a particular report.

Cost of Obtaining a NYC Police Accident Report

Ordering a crash report by mail costs $25 (including $10 search fee). Online ordering of reports cost $15 also including $7 search fee.

You can perform a free but limited search if the report you are searching for is available. The NY DMV offers a list of vehicle accidents by county and date. Just search for a plate number to find out if the report has been posted on the website. Submitting a search using the date and county name without selecting reports is free of charge.

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