How Dangerous Is Speeding?

Posted: February 15, 2024

Speed is a factor in one in three U.S. traffic fatalities, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: “The faster you drive, the more likely you will crash, putting you and others at risk of injury and death.” In 2021, speeding killed more than 12,300 people. 

Speeding is deadly, according to the NHTSA, because it 

  • Reduces driver control; 
  • Reduces the effectiveness of safety equipment; and 
  • Increases stopping distance.  

The rise in speeding and speed-related accidents has spurred measures to address the problem. In New York State, where authorities attribute over 25 percent of all traffic fatalities to speeding, a bill under consideration since November 2023 would require the installation of “intelligent speed assistance devices for repeated violation of maximum speed limits.”  

The bill builds on New York’s ignition-interlock system—which requires those convicted of alcohol related driving offenses to install an ignition interlock device in their car for at least 12 months, unless otherwise permitted—by requiring repeated speeding offenders to install a speed limiter that caps the speed of the vehicle at 5 mph higher than the speed limit. The bill would amend Section 1180 (h) of the Vehicle and Traffic Law to require drivers who accumulate 11 or more points during the 18-month period to pay for the installation of a speed-limiter device in any vehicle owned or operated by them.  A speed limiter would be “a device … installed in a motor vehicle … to cap the speed of a motor vehicle at five mph more than the speed limit.”  

According to the bill’s sponsor, for every 10 mph of increased speed, the risk of dying in a crash doubles. 

Why do drivers exceed the speed limit? 

Speeding and drunk driving have much in common. Like drunk drivers, speeders put themselves and other motorists at greater risk of injury or death.  

Why do they do this? Possibilities include: 

  • They do not associate speeding with dangerous driving 
  • They speed because they are late for work, an appointment, etc. 
  • They simply like driving fast 
  • They were bored while driving 
  • They were trying to impress a passenger 
  • They were not aware of the speed limit 

The NHTSA calls speeding a form of aggressive driving that can be fueled or facilitated by one or more of the following: 

  • Traffic congestion 
  • Being late for an appointment 
  • The anonymity of being inside a car 
  • Disregard for others 

Drivers and their passengers injured by a speeding driver may be eligible to obtain compensation for pain and suffering. The car accident attorneys at William Mattar, P.C. are ready to represent you today. Schedule a free consultation appointment with one of our attorneys to see if you are eligible to receive compensation for your damages. 

Even the posted “maximum” speed limit might be too fast under certain conditions, such as:  

  • Nighttime 

With reduced visibility, motorists should take additional precautions. This may entail slowing down when it’s raining or snowing – both of which are common in New York State. Wet and icy roads make speeding even more dangerous. 

  • Bad weather 

New York weather changes often. Especially dangerous months for driving are the fall and winter, because fallen leaves, rain, ice, and snow compromise traction. Also, darkness comes earlier in winter. 

  • Road construction 

Roads see road construction throughout the year. Construction often changes the configuration of a road, either temporarily or permanently, making a driver’s way unpredictable. At night, road construction might be marked by safety lights but still poses a hazard and causes many accidents. 

If you’ve been involved in an accident 

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, the police may determine whether speeding caused it. If another driver’s speeding caused the accident, that could be seen as negligence and you may be entitled to compensation. A car accident lawyer such as William Mattar can help negotiate your claim and ensure you receive maximum compensation for pain and suffering. 

We’ll review your case for free; just schedule an initial consultation using this online form. Or call our experienced car accident lawyers, at 844-444-4444. 

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