Good driving habits in Syracuse starts with teens

Posted: May 22, 2018

Syracuse parents typically think that once they teach their teens how to drive, they no longer have any influence on the teen’s driving habits.

Good driving habits in Syracuse can begin with teens observing their parents practicing good driving habits. If you are a parent who is going to teach your 16 year old to drive, here are some tips to help make this “rite of passage” easier on you and your teen:

  • While driving with your teen, remember to be patient and avoid creating unnecessary tension. For example, don’t wait until the last second to tell your child to stop or “turn here.” Let them know well in advance where they will be driving and how you want them to maneuver through the area.
  • Avoid inundating your teen with too much information at once. It can be distracting and makes your teen anxious. If you need to tell your teen something pertinent to their driving lesson, have them pull over in a parking lot or other safe place before talking to them.
  • Teach teens how to drive in all kinds of weather. If your teen learns how to drive during spring and summer, take them out during the first snow and show them how to drive on snow, even if they already have a driver’s license.

Defensive Driving and Vehicle Maintenance

Parents should always teach defensive driving skills, or driving habits meant to avoid accidents. Examples of defensive driving habits include obeying speed limits, using turn signals, not tailgating, and stopping completely at stop signs. Another important aspect of good driving habits parents often forget to tell their kids about is vehicle maintenance. Parents should tell their teens that driving a car with bad brakes and bald tires is not only dangerous, but can cause serious car crashes.

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