Good Driving Habits in Buffalo Starts With Teens

Posted: January 16, 2019

Buffalo adults should do everything they can to start introducing good driving habits to their children at young ages.

It All Starts At Home

Children mimic things their parents do, and that includes driving. If your child grows up watching you act irresponsibly behind the wheel, then they may assume that is how it is supposed to be done. Whenever you drive with your child in the car, you should aspire to be the best possible driver you can. Set an example by using safe driving techniques.

Send Your Child To Driving School

Driving school instructors have experience and a variety of useful tools they utilize to emphasize the importance of safe driving in school.

Be Involved In Your Teen’s Driving Experience

Instead of handing your teen the book to study for their learner’s permit, you may want to consider sitting down with them and reviewing the material. You should make sure that your teen understands all of the different traffic signs and laws, and that they understand why it is so important to know the rules of the road. Even if your teen is going to driving school, you may still want to still spend some time with them each week to review safety rules and give good advice.

Ease Your Teen Into Their Driving

Your teen’s first license is going to have restrictions that you should enforce just as much as law enforcement would. You should not allow your teen to violate their restricted license. Additionally,  you should still spend time with your teen every week to teach them safe driving. When the restrictions are lifted, it may be a good idea to have your teen earn your trust when it comes to safe driving and only allow them to take on more privileges once they have earned them.

Our firm is a big believer in teaching teens the importance of safe driving. We encourage you to get involved in one of our teen driving events and help your teen to stay safe. If your teen does get injured in a car accident, please give us a call and let one of our Buffalo car accident lawyers help you to handle the situation.

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