Extra caution when backing up may reduce the amount of NYC car accidents

Posted: June 8, 2018

The NYC Police Department reports over 1000 accidents occurred in the city due to unsafe backing of vehicles. While some backing accidents result in minor damage and no serious injuries, some do involve injuries that require medical treatment.

Why Do Backing Up Accidents Happen?

Most NYC drivers look behind them before backing up by turning around in their seat to make sure no vehicles or people are behind them. Some may glance into their rear-view mirror instead of turning around or look at their side-view and rear-view mirrors if they have difficulty twisting around enough to see clearly behind them. So why do so many accidents occur if drivers check behind them? Here are some possible reasons:

  • They fail to actually look behind them and instead rely on their “hunch” that nothing is behind them
  • They only take a perfunctory glance behind them. While drivers may spot larger objects when taking a one-second look behind them, they will likely miss seeing bicycles, pedestrians, smaller road equipment and pets
  • They look and back up at the same time because they may be impatient, distracted or assume nothing is behind them

Drivers who back up into another vehicle or individual can be cited for improper backing and possibly additional charges if they cause serious physical injury or aggravated damage. Also, the NY Department of Motor Vehicles will put points on driver’s licenses of those ticketed for improper backing and could, in some extremely reckless cases, suspend a person’s driver’s license.

You can help reduce the number of improper backing accidents in NYC by looking behind your vehicle before backing up and checking your rear-view and side-view mirrors as well. If you can’t see clearly behind you, , depending on the situation,you may want to get out of your car and physically check the area behind your vehicle.

If you have been struck by an improper backer in a NYC car accident and suffered injuries demanding medical treatment, contact William Mattar today to talk to a car accident attorney about your case. You could be eligible for obtaining compensation for your damages.

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