Extra caution when backing up may lower your risk of a Buffalo car accident

Posted: August 28, 2018

Do you check and re-check whether it is safe to begin backing your vehicle out of your driveway or a parking space? If you are like some drivers, you may turn around once, scan the area visible through your rear windshield and start backing up. Unfortunately, this type of cursory check can lead to Buffalo drivers causing accidents.

Most backing-up accidents are preventable. In addition, if you do back into a person, car or pole, you will likely be cited for the accident. It is up to drivers to make sure it is clear.

What Can Drivers Do to Minimize the Risk of a Backing-Up Accident?

Blind Spots

In medium-sized vehicles, blind spots may extend over far behind the vehicle. Mirrors provide a large portion of your rear view but not the whole picture when backing up. Also, the farther a driver moves their seat back, the larger the blind spot. You can move your seat up and back to see this effect first-hand.

Avoid Situations Requiring You to Back Up

Whenever possible, park defensively. Choose a parking space that allows you to exit driving forward instead of backing up. Don’t park in crowded areas where space to back out is restricted.

Walk Around Your Vehicle When Backing Out of a Driveway

It only takes a few seconds to walk around your car before backing out of driveways where kids and pets may be playing. This also helps avoid backing over items that could damage your car.

Install Rear Vision Cameras in Your Vehicle

Many new cars come with computer systems enabled with rear-vision technology. However, this camera only shows what is directly behind the car, not what is at the periphery of the car. If you have physical trouble turning around to see what is behind you, consider having a rear vision camera installed in your vehicle.

William Mattar’s Buffalo car accident attorneys represent people who have been seriously injured due to another driver’s negligence or recklessness. If you have been injured by a driver backing into your car, call us today to schedule a free consultation appointment with an attorney who may be able to obtain adequate compensation to pay for your damages.

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