Distracted Driving Statistics

Posted: July 16, 2022

Driver with phone in one hand coffee in otherDistracted driving is not a good idea, but unfortunately iit happens every day on New York roadways

According to CDC, an average of nine people die each day in the United States  due to distracted driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that in 2020 distracted driving claimed the lives of a whopping 3,142 people.

These statistics are concerning, illustrating how distracted driving is a constant threat to roadway safety that motorists should always avoid.

About Distracted Driving: What is it Exactly?

Distracted driving includes any activity that takes the driver’s attention away from driving. This can be everything from sending a text, talking on your phone, eating or even using a vehicle. The reduced reaction time that can be brought on my distracted driving can have serious consequences.t only takes a single distracted moment with an eye off the road to put others in harm’s way.

Distracted Driving Can Be Split into at Least Three Categories:

  •         Visual – Eyes are taken off the road Manual – ands are taken off the steering wheel
  •         Cognitive – Attention is taken away from the road due to a wandering mind. 

Visual vs. Manual Distractions While Driving Statistics

A combination of visual and manual distractions while driving can be a cause of  distracted driving accidents. One prime example of this is texting and driving, whereby the driver’s hands and eyes are off the wheel. 

Each time you have your eyes off the wheel to text (approx. 5 seconds), that is 5 seconds your vehicle is moving blindly. If you are traveling at an average of 55 mph, that is enough to cover the length of a stadium.

Risk Factors: What Age Groups Are More Susceptible?

While all age groups participate in distracted driving, reports from the NHTSA prove that some groups experience significantly more casualties than others. 94% of teenage drivers identify the dangers of texting and driving, yet 35% admit to doing it anyway. But oddly enough, despite this, the teen demographic is less likely to die due to distracted driving than the adults.

  •         Young adults aged between 20-29 make up the largest number of people dying due  to distracted driving. (898 dying in 2016)
  •         This is followed by adults between 30-39 years old. (586 dying yearly)

As you’ve seen, distracted driving is something that people of all ages do all over the country, and it can manifest itself in various ways. Sometimes it is something as trivial as eating while driving, while other times, it’s something riskier like texting while driving.

Hopefully, with these statistics, readers will be more aware of the implications of distracted driving in all its forms and reduce the overall deaths or fatalities due to driving worldwide.

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