Distracted Driving: Common Apps Drivers Use While Behind the Wheel

Posted: April 25, 2019

Distracted driving happens in New York. Whether navigating the streets of downtown Manhattan or driving across the state, distracted drivers are on the roads. Texting and driving have gotten a bad rap, and for good reason, but there are a lot of other apps that cause distraction for New York drivers.

Music apps seem like a great alternative to pushing the dial on the radio, especially with loud commercials. Social media apps can be addictive, and the urge to share things can be overwhelming. Chat apps, like Snapchat or What’s App, allow users to share real-time pictures and videos, which many people shoot while driving. Although apps on your smartphone can be good ways to pass the time, they’re a poor choice while driving.

Unfortunately, the lure of the app can be irresistible for some drivers, and some drivers now are making videos, watching YouTube, or Snapping. While these apps can connect you with people around the world, some of these apps can easily cause distractions that can result in an accident.

Drivers in New York should be careful when using these apps. State law allows officers to ticket drivers for simply holding electronic devices while driving, so don’t use any electronic devices while driving. This makes you a safer driver.

Other common apps include music apps like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music. These apps can play in the background of your phone and work with the Bluetooth option in your car. Later model cars can even control their Bluetooth, although many people say that their audio apps help them concentrate and make the drive easier.

There are dozens of apps that are distracting and dangerous while driving, and even ones that are designed to help you while driving. There are actually a few smartphone apps designed to help prevent distracted driving and make traveling safer. For example, some apps reads text messages and emails out loud in real time and automatically responds without drivers needing to tap the screen. It’s available on all platforms, although it’s not free.

Regardless of what you’re doing on the phone, if a police officer sees you on your phone while driving, they can issue you a ticket for texting and driving. Repeat offenses can lead to higher fine penalties and additional points on your license. Just a few tickets in a short period of time can result in a suspended license.

If you were injured by a distracted driver, choose one of our experienced car accident attorneys at William Mattar Law Offices. Give us a call at (844) 444-4444 for a consultation about your case.

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