Cell Phone Distractions Can Affect Pilots, As Well As Drivers

Posted: June 16, 2015

With distracted driving still a major concern in New York State, especially with the rise of social media, another concern has arisen. Technology distractions with pilots in the cockpit are also becoming an issue.

Pilots need to take extra caution in keeping a steady visual in the air to avoid collision with other planes. Technology devices are constantly used, such as tablets and cell phones, to look up maps, charts and other aviation applications the pilot needs.

This issue is still a major concern for the National Transportation Safety Board, even though accidents have declined since years passed. But with technology constantly evolving, the NTSB wants to make sure the warning is clear to all pilots.

Distracted driving is an ongoing issue the Buffalo Car Accident Lawyers are continually raising awareness for, after seeing the results of accidents involving texting and driving, eating, drinking and listening to headphones as well as the use of other electronic devices.


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