Buffalo Car Accidents Increase in Winter

Posted: January 9, 2019

Sometimes you look at a piece of information and just feel like it should be common knowledge. For example, the Buffalo area sees an increase in car accidents during the winter months. Most people would think about the ice and snow during winter and just assume there would be more car accidents in Buffalo. But there are plenty of other challenges to driving in Buffalo that often give winter weather a run for its money.

The Leaves Of Fall

When fall hits Buffalo, the leaves turn colors and fall to the ground. When Buffalo drivers see snow and ice, most drivers instinctively slow down to avoid an accident. But not all Buffalo drivers slow down for wet leaves in the road, despite the fact that wet leaves can sometimes be slippery. There are plenty of car accidents in Buffalo during the fall, and that is because of the hazards caused by roads covered in wet leaves.

Not As Many Drivers

People who live in Buffalo often have plenty of experience when it comes to driving in winter weather, which is why the number of winter accidents is likely not as high as it could be. Some of those Buffalo drivers may take their experience and use it as a reason to stop driving during the winter almost completely. Public transportation and carpooling are in high demand during the winter months in Buffalo, but this still does not prevent the number of car accidents from going up.

Road Construction

If you do not or have not lived in Buffalo, then you may not know the extent of road construction throughout that area. When there is not snow on the ground, and even when there is, there are likely a certain percentage of Buffalo roads being ripped up for construction. When the roads in Buffalo are under construction, they can become even more dangerous. When you add in the summer rains that can often drench the area for days, you may get a very serious situation.

When the winter rolls around, Buffalo drivers typically brace themselves for the possibility of being in a car crash. If you are in a Buffalo car accident any time of the year, we encourage you to contact our firm and talk to one of our attorneys. The Buffalo car crash lawyers at William Mattar can give you the legal advice you need.

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