The Risk of Bicycle Accidents 

bike vs car accident
Posted: July 2, 2022

Bicycling is one way to reduce the carbon footprint, exercise, and sightsee.  However, bicyclists are exposed to a range of hazards because they share roads with other motorists. 


According to the CDC, the cost of bicycle deaths and injuries from collisions annually accounts for $23 billion in the U.S. These costs account for lost work productivity, healthcare costs, and estimated rates for lives lost and degenerated quality of life.  

Bicycle Safety Tips 

Recommended interventions for bicycle accidents include reviewing helmet laws and ensuring bicyclists wear helmets. According to the CDC, helmets can significantly reduce the probability of brain and head injuries during a crash.  

Riders should avoid distractions on the road and follow traffic rules such as road markings, signals, and signs. Bicyclists should comply with the rules of the road  

According to the CDC, additional safety steps can include: 

  • Wearing fluorescent, neon, or bright clothing during trips to remain more visible from a distance.
  • Installing retro-reflective material on the bicycle to enhance the its visibility, especially at night. 4
  • Using a bicycle with active lighting, or lamps, is a legal requirement in most states, especially for cyclists who ride in the dark. Active lighting may include rear red lights, white lights, and other forms of lighting suitable for bicycles.  

Hurt in a Bike Accident? 

The attorneys at William Mattar, P.C. are available to help people injured in bicycle accidents. Contact William Mattar, P.C. at (844) 444-4444 for resources on car, bicycle, truck, motorcycle, and pedestrian accident-related injuries.  Or contact us online.

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