Does Car Insurance Cover Bike Accidents?

Posted: November 9, 2021

After a car accident, most people know that car insurance is important for recovering damages, such as injuries to occupants. But does car insurance also cover accidents involving bicycles?

Bicycling is a popular activity, especially in the warmer months – whether used for commuting to work or a recreational pastime. With bicyclists sharing the road with motor vehicles, bike accidents involving cars are bound to occur and can have devastating effects. Continue reading to learn more about how car insurance may play a role in a bike accident.

Effects of Bicycle Accidents

Bike accident victims can suffer severe and debilitating injuries. Bicyclists are more physically exposed to their environment than the occupants of vehicles. A rear-end accident that causes minor damage to a car can be catastrophic to a cyclist. Examples of bike accident injuries can include traumatic brain injuries, whiplash, spine injuries, severe bone fractures, wrist injuries (from breaking a fall), soft tissue injuries, and lacerations.

Injuries from bike accidents can have long-lasting effects. An injured cyclist can have mounting medical bills and a loss of income as a result of being unable to work. The injured cyclist may find it difficult to go about daily life.

A bike accident victim may file a claim with one or more insurance carriers to obtain compensation depending on the circumstances. This is why the question of whether car insurance covers bike crashes is so crucial.

Vehicle-Bicycle Accidents

There are several different types of bike accidents, and some do not involve cars at all. For instance, a bicyclist may encounter a road hazard (such as a large speed bump) and be thrown from their bike, sustaining injuries. Another example may include a bicyclist riding too fast for the conditions and losing control of their bike on the road. Typically, car insurance will not cover a bicycle accident that does not involve a motor vehicle.

In a bicycle accident involving a vehicle, however, car insurance may cover damages. This may depend on the facts of the accident, including who is liable and the individual car insurance policy.

Liability in a Bike Accident

Both a motorist and a bicycle rider can be at fault in a vehicle-bike accident. Depending on the circumstances, the motorist and bicyclist can share responsibility for the collision. A motorist who speeds, drives drunk or distracted, or fails to yield to the right of way to bicyclist can cause a serious accident. Likewise, a bicyclist who is inattentive or fails to obey traffic laws may bear some fault if a vehicle strikes them.

After a bike accident, it is essential to determine which party is at fault because it will impact who is responsible for paying damages.

If the vehicle driver is at fault for the accident, car insurance will likely cover some damages incurred by the bicyclist. In some cases, the insurance may not be sufficient to cover all expenses, and the injury victim may choose to file a claim. An accident attorney can take a close look at your case to help determine a source of compensation. An accident attorney can also explain the different types of car insurance—which includes bodily injury and no-fault coverage—and the steps you need to take to make these different types of claims.

Hurt in a Bike Accident? Call William Mattar Law Offices.

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