Buffalo Bicycle Injuries Happen in Bike Lanes

Posted: December 24, 2018

New York State has been investing in miles of new bike paths and bike lanes on public roads. Some of that investment has been happening in and around Buffalo. If you drive Buffalo roads, you may notice designated bike lanes (a diamond and an image of a bicyclist) painted onto public roadways. While these bike lanes help to separate motor traffic from bicycle traffic, unfortunately many Buffalo bicycle accidents continue to occur.

Reckless Drivers

Motorists veering into bike lanes cause some of the accidents we see in the Buffalo bicycling community. In order for a bike lane to be safe, all drivers have to respect the lane. This means abiding  by the traffic laws .

The Weather

Buffalo is known for its challenging winter weather. The spring and summer months can bring torrential rainfall, while the winter months are infamous for ice and snow. During the fall, the mix of falling leaves and wet weather can sometimes make driving treacherous. Many of the bicyclists who use bike lanes are going to work. Bicyclists must use those lanes even in the bad weather. In some cases, the combination of motor vehicles, bicycles, and bad weather can lead to some terrible Buffalo bicycle accidents.

Road Construction

People from outside the Buffalo area might not be aware just how much road construction goes on in during the summer and fall months. When roads are being altered, it can upset the bike lanes and cause bicyclists to try and find their own detours. Unfortunately, not all of the bicycle detours are met with approval from vehicle drivers. Road construction can be almost as much of a challenge to Buffalo bicyclists as unpredictable weather.

If you have ever been involved in an accident as a Buffalo bicyclist on the open roads, then we encourage you to contact our firm immediately. Our experienced team of bicycle accident lawyers can help.

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