Albany Bicycle Accident Leaves Local Man Seriously Injured

Posted: June 19, 2013

June 19, 2013

An Albany Bicycle Accident earlier this week was responsible for leaving a 32-year-old man critically injured. The crash happened on Monday evening at the corner of 10th and Hoosick Streets in the suburb of Troy, New York.

An article released by The Record indicated that the cyclist was passing through the intersection when a vehicle struck him. The impact of the crash caused the cyclist to sustain a serious head injury that required further treatment at a local hospital. He remains at the facility in stable condition. Investigators are still looking into the collision.

This is not the first serious accident at the intersection. A total of 324 crashes have been recorded in the area over the past eleven years. Seventeen of those collisions involved pedestrians and six of those pedestrian accidents occurred at the intersection of 10th and Hoosick Streets.

The sheer number of crashes in the area has state and local government officials creating a plan for safety improvements. Some of the major changes considered are the installation of illuminated crosswalk buttons, new crosswalks and signage, as well as longer and more frequent crossing times for pedestrians.

The Albany Personal Injury Lawyers with William Mattar Law Offices point out that in the meantime, cyclists and motorists can work to prevent accidents by always looking twice in both directions before entering traffic at an intersection.

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