Can Double-Checking Your Mirrors Before Switching Lanes Decrease the Amount of Buffalo Car Accidents?

Posted: December 31, 2018

When it comes to driving the streets of Buffalo, there are several good driving habits that may significantly decrease your chances of getting into a car accident. Double-checking your mirrors to make sure it is safe on all sides to change lanes is a great way to decrease accidents, provided you check your mirrors safely and only take your eye off the road for a brief moment. There are other quick driving steps you can take to potentially decrease the chances of an accident and enjoy your drive in and around Buffalo.

Periodically Check Your Rear View Mirror

A good driving habit is to try to keep two car distances between you and the cars in front of and behind you. As you focus on the road, you can do a visual measurement of your distance to the car in front of you and make adjustments.

Slow Down to let Others Merge

One of the causes of accidents on Buffalo highways is drivers feeling like merging is a competition instead of something to do safely so no one gets hurt. When merging, you should generally slow down to allow one car to get in front of you and then you both gradually get back up to speed. If everyone did this, there would likely be less traffic jams and accidents on the roads of Buffalo.

Drive in the Proper Lane

If you are a driver who prefers to drive at or slightly below the speed limit, it’s generally a good idea to get over to the right to allow faster drivers to pass safely. If there is a car pool lane available, it should only be used it when you have the proper amount of passengers. Those lanes are designated to reduce traffic congestion and keep drivers safe. By driving in the proper lane, you can help to reduce accidents and keep traffic flowing right along.

No matter how hard you try to avoid being in a Buffalo car accident, there is the chance that someone will ruin your day by driving irresponsibly. If you get into a car crash on the roads of Buffalo, call our office and let our experienced team of Buffalo car accident lawyers help to get your story heard and help to get you maximum compensation for your injuries.

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