Shifting Gears Into Spring – A Time to Ride

Posted: April 19, 2021

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Springtime is a time of possibility and rebirth.

The ever-looming cloud cover that came over the region in October finally dissipates. The blistering wind replaced by a soft, balmy breeze.

I like this time of year because sunlight does not just occasionally poke through; it can loom above all day, revitalizing the plants that were dormant over the winter.

The spring season means a lot of things to a lot of different people. For some, it spells the return of baseball. For others, it is lawncare season.

But for a biker like you, spring probably means the hiatus is over. It’s time to uncover the bike, tune it up, and hit the road. This is good riding weather. Some would say the best.

Unfortunately, riding can sometimes be dangerous. What bends the fender of an automobile can throw a motorcycle from the roadway.

When bikers are hurt on New York roads, it can cause lifelong pain and suffering. I know this because my law firm helps injured bikers. And then, I think of one motorcyclist we represented.

Our client Eric Dahlgren, an experienced motorcyclist, followed the rules of the road but was still caused to sustain catastrophic injuries because another motorist failed to see and react to him. Eric was riding downhill into an intersection when the motorist entered his lane of travel, resulting in a crash. Eric was seriously injured. The insurance company recognized that the motorist—its insured—was liable for our client’s injuries and tendered the full policy limit, but that was not enough. We established that the city and county were also liable because the intersection had a lengthy history of these sorts of accidents, and they paid as well.

“I’m a survivor, not a victim,” said Eric when asked to recall those difficult days. “I’m grateful that William Mattar took my case and helped me and my family.”

“We knew early on that the insurance for the driver would not be enough to compensate Eric,” recalled James M. O’Keefe, one of the attorneys who worked on the case. “But we found a way to get him a recovery more consistent with his actual damages.”

I hope you ride safely and have no reason to ever contact a personal injury attorney. If someday you happen to find yourself in Eric’s shoes, do not hesitate to call me. William Mattar law offices are here to help. You know the number: 444-4444.

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