Common Rochester Truck Accident Injuries

Rochester is a busy city with plenty of truck traffic day and night. Truck drivers are some of the safest drivers on the roads. However, even the most experienced drivers can find themselves involved in unexpected accidents.

As experts in representing people involved in Rochester truck accidents, we see a wide range of injuries. We believe in educating the public on the potential results of truck accidents, and that includes discussing the various types of injuries that we see on a regular basis.

Spinal Injuries

There are two major parts to your spine; the spinal cord, and the vertebrae. The spinal cord is the collection of nerves that are protected by the bones of the vertebrae. In between each vertebra are soft cushions known as discs. When these discs are damaged, they can press up against the nerves of the spinal cord and cause a great deal of pain.

Broken Vertebrae

Truck accident injuries, such as, broken vertebrae are extremely common and extremely painful. If a person with broken vertebrae is moved before they are stabilized, then the broken bones could sever the spinal cord and cut off all sensation forever. This is why it is best to let trained professionals move a person with broken vertebrae. When doctors refer to a broken back, they are talking about broken vertebrae.

Herniated Disc

It does not take much of an impact to cause a herniated disc in a truck accident. A herniated disc occurs when the soft padding between the vertebrae is pushed out from between the bones and presses up against the spinal cord. The pain will remain until the disc is no longer pressing up against the nerves.


Whiplash occurs when the head is suddenly thrown forward and the backward due to the impact of a Rochester truck accident. In some cases, this can cause discs in the neck to be herniated, which creates long-term pain. Whiplash can normally be repaired through physical therapy, but it is a painful condition to have.

Shoulder and Head

Rochester truck accidents create a great deal of shoulder and head injuries. In some cases, these are linked together and must be treated as one condition. Some of the more severe head injuries can result in life-changing situations, and that includes death.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Any type of direct trauma to the brain will result in a traumatic brain injury. These situations can range from a broken skull that affects the brain, to a complete penetration of the skull into the brain matter. It is important to know that a penetration of the brain by a sharp object is not always a fatal. The sooner that emergency medical help arrives, the better the victim’s chances of survival.

Shoulder Separation

An extremely common Rochester truck accident injury  is a shoulder separation. This is when the upper arm bone completely separates from the ball socket in the shoulder. In some cases, this is caused by the pressure put on the shoulder by a seat belt. But if the seat belt had not been worn, then the driver would have been catapulted through the windshield and would have died from a traumatic brain injury. This makes a separates shoulder a welcome alternative to other potential types of injuries.

Shoulder Break

If the shoulder is struck in just the right way, the bone near the shoulder socket can break. In truck accidents, there can be enough force delivered to create such a break and it is a break that can happen very quickly. If a victim of a truck accident is unable to move their arm at all, it could be due to a break in the shoulder.


The arms absorb a lot of damage in a truck accident because they are in prominent places when the collision occurs. In Rochester car accidents, the arms are normally on the steering wheel when there is impact. Between the impact of the truck and the impact of the airbags, arms sustain a lot of damage in truck accidents.

Broken Arm

Perhaps the most common type of Rochester truck accident injury is a broken arm. Even if the impact does not happen in the front of the vehicle, the arms are still in such a position where they can break easily. If the driver has the steering wheel in hand when the airbags go off, then the airbags could break the forearms.

Dislocated Elbow

When the force of a collision hits the front of a car, the car and the driver’s arms that are placed on the steering wheel attempt to push back. In truck accidents at lower speeds, it is common for a driver to dislocate one or both elbows. A dislocated elbow can be extremely painful and even cause the driver to pass out. Luckily, these injuries are also easy to treat and normally there is a full recovery.

Broken Wrists

Another common injury caused by deploying airbags is a broken wrist. Because of the placement of the arm on the steering wheel on impact, an airbag suddenly being deployed can cause the wrists to break. Wrists can also break as the result of the actual impact itself.


The torso, the middle of the body, absorbs a great deal of damage during a car collision as well. Seat belts are meant to keep people safe, but they can also cause plenty of damage during a high speed impact.

Broken or Bruised Ribs

Anyone who has ever had bruised ribs will tell you that it is one of the most painful injuries you can have. When you are recovering from bruised ribs, breathing heavy or yawning is incredibly painful. Broken ribs have the same effect except that they take longer to heal and the pain is more intense.

Internal Damage

One of the more dangerous but common truck accident injuries is internal bleeding. This can occur in any vehicle collision and it is impossible for the average person to see the bleeding. A truck accident victim can bleed to death and never show any external signs of distress. Other internal injuries include damage to internal organs, puncturing of the lungs, and laceration of internal organs.

Broken Hips

Broken hips are common in Rochester truck accidents because most people involved in these accidents are seated and strapped to their seats. If the seats are pushed suddenly in any direction, the hips are unable to move and they break. While elderly drivers are more apt to get broken hips, this painful condition can happen to anyone.

If you see a truck accident take place and observe injuries, it is important to call emergency medical personal immediately. You might have the desire to be a hero, but moving accident victims can be a very bad idea. There are many injuries that are made worse if the victim is moved improperly. If you move a victim who should not be moved, you could cause paralysis or death. As long as it is safe for the victims to remain in place until help arrives, then all you can do is be there for the victim and try to keep them talking until emergency medical technicians are on the scene.

If you find yourself injured after being involved in an collision with a truck, you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible. Call one of our experienced Rochester truck accident lawyers at (844) 444-4444 to schedule a free consultation.

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