I was in a Rochester Motorcycle Accident. Do I Need a Lawyer?

Posted: January 2, 2019

Motorcycles are popular in Rochester and you can see them on the roads in and around the city for months out of the year. Rochester motorcyclists take a risk each time they go out on the roads because of how exposed they are to other traffic and to the hot working parts on the motorcycle itself. One motorcycle malfunction or a wrong turn by a motorist could mean a serious accident. After you are in a Rochester motorcycle accident, should you get a lawyer involved in your case?

Talking to Insurance Companies

Insurance companies may only be interested in getting motorcycle accident victims to sign off on the lowest possible settlement. Once you accept an insurance settlement for your Rochester motorcycle accident, you can no longer try to claim funds from the insurance company. If you find out months later that you suffered a chronic and painful injury in the accident, you will likely be responsible for the medical costs out of your pocket.

When you have an experienced lawyer on your side, you have someone to negotiate with the insurance companies for you. If after your medical examination it has been determined that the insurance offer is way too low, your lawyer can press for more of a settlement or prepare to take the company to court.

Other Parties Involved

Did you have a passenger on your motorcycle during the accident? Did the motor vehicle that hit you leave the scene without exchanging insurance information? If there were other parties involved in your Rochester motorcycle accident, then you will need an attorney to help sort out your responsibilities and any added claims you will have to make for the accident.

Long-Term Medical Care

In the initial aftermath of your accident, the adrenaline pumping through your body will mask many of the injuries you have sustained. That is why your lawyer will insist that you get emergency medical care the day of your accident and then follow up with your doctor as soon as possible. You may have sustained an injury that will require ongoing and expensive care, and that will need to be part of your personal injury claim.

The process of getting compensation for your injuries and property damage after a Rochester motorcycle accident can be very complicated. If you make one wrong move, you could damage your chances at getting maximum compensation. Our firm has years of experience in handling accident cases for Rochester motorcyclists. Give the motorcycle accident lawyers at William Mattar a call if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and we will handle the entire process for you.

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